The Constabulary of Toothless Tigers

Last updated on October 24th, 2023 at 03:31 pm

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Theresa May and her puppet Amber Rudd finally seem to be getting their way by stealth.

Mrs May’s dislike and contempt of the Police Service is well known, but the pendulum was beginning to swing back in favour of the Police. However various organisations seem to be beavering away in the background to further emasculate the Police Service.

Since 2012 the number of Stop and Searches carried out has absolutely plummeted, and surprisingly, knife crime has rocketed. So, probably, have other types of Crime but nevertheless Mrs May (as Home Secretary) issued a diktat in 2014 to reduce Stop and Search, and boy, how the 43 Forces complied.

The chart above is not quite complete, but is within about 5% of being complete

Today I read the latest advice from the Federation regarding pursuits, I won’t bore you with all of it but the bullet points are;

The IPCC has recently directed a force to bring proceedings against an officer for Gross Misconduct for careless driving. Gross Misconduct is conduct that would justify dismissal.

In response to this the Federation advised accordingly;

  • Officers have a sworn duty and must uphold that duty.
  •  Officers should drive in a way which is lawful and does not contravene the laws odangerous or careless driving.
  • Officers are advised not to undertake any manoeuvre which may well fall outside the standard of the careful and competent non police driver

The third point is quite telling.  Are the Federation really advocating that officers drive to the standards of your average Granny or Granddad?  No disrespect to grandparents, I am one, but I would expect Police Drivers ‘on a shout’ to drive very differently to me.

The results of this advice, if followed, are that it will take officers longer to arrive at your emergency, it will take them longer to assist their own colleagues, or other Emergency Services personnel, who have encountered problems.

IPCC, DPS/PSD and CPS seem reluctant to adopt a pragmatic stance and, as seen above, the IPCC directed a Force to instigate Gross Misconduct proceedings which can, and normally do, result in dismissal.

If there is evidence that an officer has committed a Road Traffic Act offence then the CPS are perfectly able to initiate Court proceedings and seek to obtain a conviction.  The IPCC stance smacks of something far darker.

I will always expect our Police Officers to operate within the law, and the law does allow them certain exemptions, but our revered professional bodies obviously don’t think that is sufficient.

The Police Service of England and Wales is being turned into 43 Constabularies of Toothless Tigers.
Well done Mrs May, it seems like you are getting your way.

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