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So The Met Has To Save £500 Million, We Can Sort That

Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 07:23 pm

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It has been well reported that the Met has to save £500 Million towards the government’s enforced budgetary restrictions on the police forces of England and Wales.

Thanks to a couple of our number we can sort that.

I am indebted to JP for circulating this article from The Mirror

What a rip-toff: Taxpayers spend £500m to send top Government’s officials kids to posh public schools

I believe JP pointed out at the time that £500 Million is exactly the amount that the Met has to save from its budget next year.

At first I thought that this bold headline applied to MPs etc, but when I actually read the article it became clear that we are talking civil servants.  Had it been that it was MPs who were gaining this remarkable perk that would have been unthinkable, but even civil servants is a bit much really.  Dave and Gideon tell us constantly that we are all in this together and that a certain amount of belt-tightening is necessary to get us out of this period of austerity.

The Gospel According To Angry is this;

I read almost daily on Twitter that people won’t be able to afford their mortgages once Winsor has come into play, some people are already in the process of downsizing their houses, some can’t put the same food on the table that they are used to providing for their families, some are having to change their cars, or cut back on servicing costs.  These are all human sufferings on an almost unimaginable scale.  We can imagine it, but let’s be honest we don’t want to.

Apparently in the last 3 years the Foreign Office splashed out £27 Million pounds on schooling for the children of 717 Diplomats.  If I’ve got my charitable head I can just about live with that, as they are normally posted elsewhere, but I can only live with it on good days.

As far as the rest of them are concerned, they get no sympathy or understanding from me whatsoever. They’re all on salaries of more than £100,000 per year.  If they want their children to get privately educated why don’t they pay for it themselves?  I don’t wish to pick on any particular individual but why oh why should you and I pay for the kids of some senior Civil Servant to go to a private school?  As we are constantly being told this is a period of austerity, the government has recently announced the scaling back of Child Benefit, that will have a significant effect on a lot of folk I’m sure.  My own daughter pays out a small fortune in childcare costs just so that she can go back to work.  A family with 3 children could lose up to £2,500 per year in Child Benefit apparently under the government’s new proposals.  That’s on top of increased pension contributions, less overtime (I presume), higher prices in the shops for food items, increased VAT, fuel and energy prices seemingly going through the roof.  In the wake of all of this Civil Servants are sending their kids not just to the local boarding school,oh  no, but to Eton, Winchester College, Wellington College and even Gordonstoun.

Why the flying **** are we, the taxpayer, paying for this?  Does this benefit the taxpayer in any small way?  Is this an investment for our future?  No it will merely turn out more toffs like Dave, Gideon and Boris.

In times of austerity this is a perk too far.  If everybody else is having to make cutbacks this is a perk that should go.  Times have changed but not for the Whitehall Mandarins it seems.

The Mirror reports that the Foreign Office fought hard to resist revealing this information requested under the Freedom of Information Act.  It took a year and the intervention of the Information Commissioner to get it released.  I am not surprised.  I know only too well how the Home Office wriggles to avoid disclosing anything.  The government don’t like the FOI, it leaves them vulnerable.  Everybody else has to learn how to live with it, the government just ignore it for as long as possible.

I don’t normally read the Mirror, but I thank them quite sincerely for attempting to bring this travesty to public attention.  Eventually the public will cry ENOUGH and rise up.

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  1. The top brass in the military are in on the racket too. They all get free public schools for their kids. The perk is notionally open to all ranks but guess where the most beneficiaries are. You could also ask about the stately homes giving free accommodation for the military including the other ranks acting as servants.

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