Police Now – What Have We Learnt?

Last updated on September 22nd, 2023 at 03:07 pm

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There has been a huge amount of discussion over the last couple of weeks about Police Now, some good, some bad, some supportive, some most definitely not.

I had queries about their ‘charitable’ registration, in particular the references to the Armed Forces, and being for the benefit of ‘Mankind’.  I have received reassurances that these are just generic ‘drop down box’ choices, predermined by the Charity Commission

We have learnt a little more about how the charity is a ‘safe’ option


We have been reassured about any possible conflict of interests arising from the appointment of certain trustees


On the subject of Police Now Enterprises Ltd, we have learnt a bit, but personally I am far from satisfied.  I do not feel that the existence of this company has been satisfactorily explained in a clear and transparent way.

Detective Chief Inspector David Spencer tried to throw some light on our overall concerns when he wrote a blog in response, which can be read in full here.

However, he says in relation to Police Now Enterprises Ltd,

Police Now has a subsidiary called Police Now Enterprises Ltd that is wholly owned by the Police Now charity. There are no individual shareholders who are able to profit from this subsidiary – the Police Now charity owns this subsidiary in its entirety. This is an entirely not for profit company. One of the reasons that Police Now Enterprises Ltd exists is to enable Police Now to utilise the gift aid provisions.

It is my understanding that to claim Gift Aid on a donation that donation must come from an Individual, who is a taxpayer, and has paid an amount of Income Tax equal to, or greater than, the amount of Gift Aid being claimed.  I can’t see anywhere in the HMRC rules where it says it can be applied to a £5 million government grant.  What are the OTHER reasons for its existence?  I’m genuinely intrigued.

I’m sorry David but I think Police Now has failed on explaining that one, it doesn’t seem to be quite that simple.

I asked Police Now what they were doing for Police Scotland and PSNI.  They did respond.


After that @MPalmer3270 started off a quite incredible thread about the Police Now staff


Which prompted this from me


I certainly did NOT expect the response I got to that.

And then I really became concerned


Taken together with an extract taken from a Job Desription for a job currently being advertised at Police Now

What you’ll get from us: 

  • An opportunity to work at a true start up and to make a real impact on the Police Now Programme
  • Be a part of a society-defining organisation and change the way that the most challenged communities across the country interact with the police
  • A great team passionately working to build the next generation of leaders –both in and outside of policing
  • A buzzing office located in Old Street in Central London
  • Salary: Circa £28,000 dependent on experience
  • Police Now’s core benefits package including 27 days holiday per annum and participation in a pension scheme (with employer contributions).

What does that mean?  Does this mean that we have learnt that Police Now actually exist to provide ‘leadership’ skills to people who will ultimately leave the Police Service and go on to take their skills into the Private Sector, or progress to be politicians or Civil Servants, both with skills provided by, and paid for by, Police Now (or, indirectly, by Central Government, that might be a clue).

So, this is what I have learnt about Police Now over the last week.  If you have learnt anything more, please share it with us all in the Comments section below.  I promise I will publish each and every Comment received on this subject in the interests of Balance and Fairness, and, who knows, we might even get a better explanation of the purpose of Police Now Enterprises Ltd.

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2 thoughts on “Police Now – What Have We Learnt?”

  1. In the now blocked YouTube clip, Tor (co founder of PN) stated her aim was for graduates to do no more than 2 to 2.5 years with Police as that was the average term of employment for graduates in any job before they move on. Plainly, PN was never set up to train or encourage Police officers for long term employment. Tor seemed to think this was a good thing.
    The whole thing sounds suspiciously like Common Purpose to me, e.g. Moulding the minds of future “leaders” to think the “right” way.

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