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Police Chiefs – Let Me Introduce You To The Hymn Book


Last updated on May 8th, 2023 at 11:42 am

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This is the Hymn Book  

 and we should all be singing from the same one.

For the last 5 years Rank and File Police Officers, Retired Police Officers and a large number of members of the Great British Public have been pointing out to an unheard get, uncaring government that enough is enough, you can’t cut the number of Officers across England and Wales to the degree that is being proposed without subsequent consequences.  I think that is quite realistic.

Some time later he Federation got on board and kicked off what, in my opinion at least, was a highly effective and informative #CutsHaveConsequences campaign with huge billboards and a series of videos.

Finally, just in the last few days or weeks really, the ‘Chiefs’ have begun to speak out, but what they have to say really is too little, too late.  They should have been shouting from the hilltops 5 years ago, not leave until the absolute, critical, last minute.

What bemuses me is this.

In a situation where everybody outside of government is agreed that there aren’t enough cops why, oh why, would anybody even consider making cops Compulsorarily Redundant.

The fact that NPCC are even having a vote on the issue speaks volumes.

You do not solve a critical shortage by making people redundant, so why do we need to vote on it.

What we need to do is to be as efficient as we can be, save money wherever we reasonably can, and when that limit is reached TOUGH. When the money finally runs, and it will, the government of the day will have a choice

a). Properly fund an adequately resourced Police Service or

b). Allow the Police Service to fail, pack up and go home.

Our Police Officers are Warranted Officers, Servants of the Crown, answerable and accountable to The Queen. They are NOT, and should not be treated like, Political Puppets.

You can bring in G4$, $ERCO or T$G Policing, but they are all private companies, answerable only yo their shareholders.  The Queen doesn’t get any say in their activities whatsoever.

Whilst certain politicians, for whatever reason, might want to include and involve Privatisation in Policing, but do any of them really want to be responsible for its total collapse and death?

For the Front Line there is the #DoItRight approach.

For NPCC there is the approach of “doing the right thing” and steering the Police Service as best they can, looking after it and keeping in as good a condition as the government will allow. Their consciences will be clear and they will have earned the respect of their troops in doing so.

Or they can just vote YES to Compulsory Severance, then we will all know who’s who and where we all stand.

Get the hymn book out before Wednesday and make sure we’re all on the same page.

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