Police Car AB1 – A Slight Reprise

Last updated on September 19th, 2023 at 04:14 pm

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My good friend Dr Ben (not ??) recently suggested that I should go away and write another blog about car registration plates, so I have, not just to please Dr Ben but to highlight a potential concern.

I have previously made a request of the West Mercia PCC to obtain copies of the decision about the sale of the index mark. That didn’t end well.

The sorry tale surrounding the sale can be found here, but it appears that the VRM was sold for £160,000 despite one interested party allegedly making an offer of nearly double that figure.

Today I received a tip-off that the Index Mark has changed hands again, and is now displayed on a new motor

Police Car AB1

Hmm. I have no idea who owns the Roller, I have no way of finding out, and I cannot find any public record of its subsequent sale.

Neither do I have any idea what the result of the complaint to IPCC was, but I can probably guess.

I just hope that it didn’t change hands for significantly more than £160k or yet again it means that the public purse has missed out due to potential profiteering. Or it may still be with the original purchaser, just proudly displayed on a Roller now.

It’s much easier when everything is transparent.

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  1. Saw the registration yesterday, 9th October 2019, on what looked like a very new Rolls Royce Wraith as it left the M61 to join the M60 and head eastwards towards Prestwich and north Manchester.

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