People In Glass Houses

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Thank you @Boscorelli55 for providing me with the title made life a little easier.

Apparently our old friends at Reform Think Tank are of the opinion that the Fire and Rescue Service is out of kilter ethnicity and gender-wise and does not reflect the public it serves,

I took a look at Reform Think Tank’s “People”

What is missing here?
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Apparently, our College of Policing aren’t much better either

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4 thoughts on “People In Glass Houses”

  1. Truly a classic blog. However I would add that ‘Reform’ is a “think tank” or more accurately an advocacy group, so there is no public service ‘need’ to be ethnicity and diversity ‘wise’.

    I always wonder at how such bodies are funded, as all too often the “he who pays the piper plays the tune”.

    1. Fair point but they are representing public bodies, engaged by public bodies and paid by (often) public bodies

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