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The Queen’s Half Hour

Unsurprisingly I am still waiting for any kind of reply to my original request fro data from 2 Forces, Cumbria and Lincolnshire.  They have both had reminders about their legal obligations on 12th and 27th July, but not even an acknowledgement have I received to those reminders. … Read the whole post

The Polls, The Story So Far

Here are the results of our polls as at 08:45 on 30th July 2012 It is not too late to vote if you want to, you will find the polls further down this blogJust click on any result above to see a larger image [polldaddy poll=6421168] [polldaddy poll=6418004] [polldaddy poll=6417919] Enjoyed the post?… Read the whole post

The Factory Worker Mentality

PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS BLOG IF YOU ARE FEELING DELICATE AND MAY BE EASILY UPSET, NORMAL SERVICE WILL BE RESUMED SHORTLY.  YOU HAVE BEEN ADVISED. I did promise that I wouldn’t make personal attacks on Tom Winsor the man. … Read the whole post

From Behind The Cloak of Anonymity

I have been thinking a lot over the last few days about those of us who tweet or blog from behind a cloak of anonymity.  I completely and utterly understand why a serving officer would want to disguise their true identity, but I have to say that I’m a tad confused by the Regulations and what they actually mean in today’s modern world.… Read the whole post

Our Shrinking Police Service

Dear Reader The Home Office has kindly released the figures for the ‘Policing Strength of England and Wales’ as at 31st March 2012,  Yesterday’s headline figure was that approx 5,000 officers had left their forces since the same time last year. … Read the whole post

Policing Strength England and Wales 2011/2012

At 09:30 this morning the Home Office released the latest batch of data laying out the policing strength of England and Wales 31st March 2011 to 31st March 2012. The headline figure is that the total manpower has dropped a further 5,000 officers since end of March last year, which in itself was approx 4,000 less than the year before. … Read the whole post
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