My Problem With The PCC Candidates

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I hadn’t really given much thought to the whole PCC process and the respective candidates until yesterday.  I don’t think I even know who the candidates are for Dead Badger County, but at least I do know how to find out when I want to.

Then, yesterday, one of our number included a PCC candidate into a conversation we were having, so I decided I would pose the same question to some of the other PCC candidates on Twitter.  It rapidly became clear to me that they are well-versed in the dark arts of politics.  I can’t pretend that it was a scientific study or even a representative sample, it was just a handful of candidates that I could find quickly on Twitter plus John Prescott.

I asked them all the identical question:- what are your views on outsourcing (within the police obviously), are you aware of the Cheshire experience? and referred them to my blog on the subject if they weren’t aware of it.  Hat’s off to Christopher Wright, a 30 year ex copper, candidate for Gwent.  He was the ONLY one who gave me a constructive answer that meant anything.  His reply is appended to the comments section of the How Is Privatisation Cheaper?  blog if you want to know his views.

Bernard Rix glibly referred me to his website but that only gave me his views before the G4S/Olympics debacle.  When asked if his views had changed since then – no reply.

Saundra Glenn did at least try to answer the question, hadn’t heard of the Cheshire experience, but feels that Collaboration maybe the way forward.

The others were all No Reply, I even asked John Prescott twice, and got 2 No Replies.

So it seems to me that they’re already practicing the dark arts of politics and avoiding unwelcome questions and not giving straight (or any) answers.

Not looking good for November, elections only 2 months away and a random selection of candidates not givng any meaningful responses on a subject so very close to our hearts.  Will I vote in November?  Yes.  Who will I vote for?  No idea, but I do believe that if you don’t vote for somebody you have no right to complain.

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