Giz A Job

Giz A Job

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Seems you don’t even have to ask these days.

I am indebted to @juileanneda for this story, I’m sure I would have caught up with it, but she shortcut the process for me.

Within weeks of being found guilty of 8 counts of Misconduct, AND required to resign, it seems Mr Nick Gargan has been gifted a job by our old friends G4$.

The job as a programme director  was not advertised, nor was anyone else interviewed, and it was awarded after G4$ had told the Independent that it supported a “cooling off period” before senior officers were allowed to take up private-sector jobs. The company said that there had been an “immediate need for strategic advice”.

The initial contract only seems to be for a 4 month period, but we all know how flexible that can be.

I assume that he now features on the College’s famous Struck Off list, and whilst he is not being employed by a Police Force directly, he will come into contact with about 20 apparently, so it might be relevant?  It certainly isn’t a reference.

I can’t say that either party has done anything wrong, but I’m sure many people will be uncomfortable with the news.

Not being an expert in HR related matters I assume that “immediate need for strategic advice” means that Equal Opportunities need not apply.

No doubt a Knighthood or Peerage are also a possibility eventually too.

I can’t imagine many people in my lifetime will be paid a fortune whilst suspended, found guilty 8 times following a £half million Misconduct hearing, get a Golden Handshake deal when required to resign then walk into a job they haven’t even had to apply for.

I am available though.

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    • I always thought there was, but they seem to have headed that one off that pass with their “immediate need for strategic advice” Not sure how valid that is though

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