Doing Less With Less

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There has been much made on the BBC News (and I suspect other media channels) that the Police are not attending enough scenes of crime to report and investigate those crimes. I have heard it reported that PCSOs are being used to conduct initial investigations, a role I believe they are not trained for, and that victims are being encouraged to conduct their own house to house enquiries and seek out local CCTV. 

I do hope they are all complying with the relevant legislation.

My reaction to this only needs to be brief today

Since 2010 Police numbers have been slashed by 16,000 officers. Those cuts have not yet finished.

In approx half of the 43 Forces numbers have ben cut LOWER than their 2015 ‘Austerity Programme’ targets.


Why haven’t the public picked up on this and questioned their PCC?

I think that’s all I really need to say this morning really, if you want to knock the Police for not being efficient, then we all deserve an explanation of why numbers are being cut more than they need to be.

And Winsor’s HMIC publishing their report today when Winsor (author of Winsor 1 and 2 like you need reminding) is just simply offensive.

The only thing that you can do with Less is Less ultimately, anything else is Smoke and Mirrors

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31 thoughts on “Doing Less With Less”

  1. I posted on her blog asking why no police officers had been arrested or discliplined over her claims. Like many single issue nutters she doesn’t answer questions she finds a bit difficult.

  2. Today’s news:

    “After being released a day before his 18th birthday, Young went straight to Consett police station to report what had happened at Medomsley and was told it was a criminal offence to make such allegations against prison officers when he was on licence. “They were basically threatening to take me back to Medomsley, so I scattered pretty quick.”

    I wonder how many police officers there were in this ring.

    1. Grandma.You are clearly an intelligent and eloquent person, wronged in the past you say by unfortunate dealings with a small number of Police Officers . But I do wish that you would add to the meat of the authors posts by responding in a sensible fashion instead of wittering on like a demented parrot about all Police being corrupt.I was a cop for 25 years and I found no instances of corruption;instead I found well meaning earnest people trying hard on the whole to wind it into the crooks and help victims, but increasingly demotivated by savage cuts to funding, pay freezes and pension theft, seemingly endless media abuse and more.Can you not in future just TRY to play a different tune it would be so nice!

  3. It doesn’t matter how many terrible examples of skulduggery Grandma B can whisk from under her petticoats, none can justify tarring all police – good as well as bad – with sweeping & corrosive assertions such as

    “The streets will never be safe so long as police officers are at large”.

    Unless meant only in jest, Grandma B must not only believe good police don’t exist – or, if any do, they’re not worth mentioning – but also that we should acquiesce to pointless stereotypes even if we know they’re untrue and so unfair.

    The experiences suffered by Grandma B may understandably have inspired her to make up her mind negatively, as though living in Australia and only ever seeing black swans.

    But I’m afraid, in this hemisphere, we’ve all glimpsed the odd white swan – so it doesn’t matter how many black swan facts you try to confuse us with.

    We just happen to know from our own experience that all swans aren’t black so, yes, we’ve already made up our minds on that score.

    What’s more, not everyone using their right hemisphere believes, even if black cats outnumber white ones in this world, that the Sodom and Gomorrah treatment is justified in painting the white ones black too.

    Not everyone using their left hemisphere believes the same though – yet most agree that, if white paint has flaked off many black swans, a paint shortage will inevitably mean painting less with less..

      1. Police Corruption (Willan : 2009)

        Policing and corruption are inseparable. This book argues that corruption is not one thing but covers many deviant and criminal practices in policing which also shift over time. It rejects the ‘bad apple’ metaphor and focuses on ‘bad orchards’, meaning not individual but institutional failure.

        For in policing the organisation, work and culture foster can encourage corruption. This raises issues as to why do police break the law and, crucially, ‘who controls the controllers’?

        Why do the police break the law? Because they are criminals.

        1. I still don’t understand why you can’t stop making sweeping generalisations. Nobody denies the existence of corruption, it is wrong. I know many cops who are not corrupt just as I know many Grandmas who are not mad

          1. You know some straight cops? Good. Just what I need. Please give me their contact details as I wish to report some serious crimes committed against me by a criminal gang known as North Yorkshire Police.

  4. Grandma B, it’s not your ‘single facts’ which need to be disputed, it’s your corrosive dismissal of the good instead of just the bad.

    “Anybody reporting crime to the police knows that is a waste of time”

    No, not anybody. Some – including your good self.

    “They’ve never done their job”

    This is like saying journalists have never done their job because there’s been so much crap journalism, corruption, phone hacking etc. The accusation may be true of a proportion but deliberately tars all instead. We also know, despite the crap, much good journalism has been, and still is, produced.

    In other words, your universal dismissals are untrue, are thus simple to dispute and undermine whatever argument they are intended to bolster. Being deliberately universal & false, they are also blind & corrosive to the good.

    Yet the good you deny and are blind to will diminish and indeed disappear if you succeed in grossly distorting any clearer views. We kill what we love once we’re blinded to it. Think Iago and handkerchiefs.

    “Once North Yorkshire Police get arrested and locked up”

    Despite any equivalent argument from a Grandpa B to arrest and lock up all employees at Mid Staffs hospital, due perhaps to its neglect or bad treatment of his wife, wouldn’t a slightly more forensic analysis & solution stand a better chance of helping those requiring hospital care?

    Was God correct to apply the Sodom and Gomorrah treatment? Should we also destroy organisations & lock up their staff if we’re exasperated?

    Despite even systemic failings, it must help other/future organisations if faults are investigated, causes recognised & better practice & support enforced instead.

    “The streets will never be safe so long as police officers are at large”

    Should the sayings of Grandma B be recognised as “quite fun” or “merely provocative diversions” and kept for future generations to ponder – in awe?

    Or does she expect them to be taken as seriously as those of Grandpa B? You know the ones..

    “The hospitals will never be safe so long as doctors are at large”
    “The papers will never report the truth so long as journalists are at large”
    “The Met will never reduce corruption so long as whistleblowers are at large” (oops – sorry, don’t know how that one slipped in)
    “The children will never be safe so long as TV celebrities are at large”
    “The residents of Sodom and Gomorrah will never be safe from evil so long as they are allowed to live”
    “The Titanic will never be safe so long as icebergs are at large”

  5. Ignoring ‘Grandma’ s moronic and naive comments…This is simply another step on the road to privatisation as planned by Camoron and his lunatic think tank pals.Step 1-cut pay and pensions making a handover to Serco etc more attractive.Step2- conduct a relentless media war against Police so almost everyone thinks they are crap.Step 3- cut their numbers and ability to even operate so they appear incompetent ( despite jails being full to bursting with criminals caught by the-hmmm- POLICE.So glad I left.

    1. I note you have not been able to dispute a single fact mentioned. What do you think your pals in West Yorkshire Police did with all those poor, young girls at Savile’s “Friday Morning Club”? Drink tea? No, raped them.

  6. If the police were to bother to do their job which is supposed to be to prevent and detect crime, then they might have some public sympathy for their perceived predicament. Anybody reporting crime to the police knows that is a waste of time, so that leads to people not being concerned that police numbers are being “slashed”. Who needs a police force that is not willing to police?

      1. They’ve never done their job, so if we did not have a police force, I doubt if anybody would notice. Reduce their numbers to zero and see if that makes any difference.

          1. I take your point. It would make a difference after all. I could go back to my home and live there in peace and safety. Once North Yorkshire Police get arrested and locked up, I will do.

          2. Just follow the papers, watch TV and read Dan Davies’ book on Savile. Savile procured children for police officers to rape.

            Then ask yourself why the police in Rotherhman did nothing to protect children all those years. Just a brown envelope or were they raping those poor kids as well?

            And for just one story of how Savile’s favourite police force, the North yorkshire perverts-in-blue have targeted one defenceless, old lady to plunder her assets, go to.

            The streets will never be safe so long as police officers are at large. The sooner they all get locked up, the better!

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