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Do Blue Lives Really Matter?

PC Keith Blakelock

Last updated on August 21st, 2023 at 08:22 pm

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I have reproduced this from elsewhere, with the consent of the author. it really makes one think, and if it doesn’t then it should. One wonders do Blue lives really matter?

“Lighting up public memorials, like a cenotaph, to remember the death of George Floyd, a foreign criminal, is an abomination, end of story. The world has gone mad. There are real heroes in THIS country’s recent history who were basically ignored at the time and have not been remembered since, I’ll start with this one.

REMEMBER THIS MAN’S NAME. Police Constable Keith Blakelock, brutally murdered policing the riots on the Broadwater Farm Estate in North London back in 1985. This is from Wiki and shows the absolute depravity, hatred and sheer barbarism of the rioters; they basically kicked and hacked the man to death with knives and machetes. Oh, and go and see the justice PC BlaKElock got. ZERO!

No lighting up of memorials for him, no bleeding-heart liberals taking a knee for him, no agenda-driven media remembering him. Shame on every council and civic leader attempting to portray a foreign criminal as a martyr of significance in this country.

‘The rioters removed Blakelock’s protective helmet, which was never found. The pathologist, David Bowen, found 54 holes in Blakelock’s overalls, and 40 stabbing or slashing injuries, eight of them to his head, caused by a weapon such as a machete, axe or sword. A six-inch-long knife was buried in his neck up to the hilt.

His body was covered in marks from having been kicked or stamped on. His hands and arms were badly cut, and he had lost several fingers trying to defend himself. There were 14 stab wounds on his back, one on the back of his right thigh, and six on his face. Stabbing injuries to his armpits had penetrated his lungs.

His head had been turned to one side and his jawbone smashed by a blow that left a six-inch gash across the right side of his head. Bowen said the force of this blow had been “almost as if to sever his head”, which gave rise to the view that an attempt had been made to decapitate him.’

Do Blue Lives Really Matter?
You clowns insult not only the memory of real heroes, but you insult the intelligence of every normal law-abiding person in this country with your virtue-signalling, woke, nonsensical bile.”
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