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Something Is Rotten In The State Of Britain

Reading Time: 4 minutes Something Is Rotten In The State Of Britain.  Nicked from Facebook, it is definitely not mine, but the ramifications of Craig Mackey’s actions, or lack of, just rumble on and on, and the smell is not very palatable. Like many, I made a formal complaint against the behaviour of Craig Mackey. The Assistant Commissioner of […]

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Context is everything. It can completely change one’s understanding of an event or comment. Many things have been said over the past few days about the (in)actions of Acting Commissioner Sir Craig Mackey during and after the terrible events on Westminster Bridge and the Palace of Westminster. Many commentators have called him “Coward”, indeed, initially,

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MackeyGate Rumbles On

Reading Time: 2 minutes Just a quick one today, but I’m still Apoplectic, Incandescent and any other crap descriptions I can think of, MackeyGate Scotland Yard have now issued a statement on the (in)actions of ‘Sir’ Craig Mackey, Acting Commissionaire. It reads:- “Neither he [Mackey] nor the two civilian members of police staff he was in the car with

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