Camoron, You’re A Plank

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Let me begin by stating that the views expressed here are mine and mine alone. To the best of my knowledge and belief they have not been planted in my swede by Big Brother.

I have been a bit pre-occupied the last few days but a rumour reached my ears at Angry Towers that Call Me Dave has had his butt kicked by the House of Commons. Apparently Camoron has conjured up one of the most spectacular parliamentary defeats in modern political history. The first such foreign policy defeat since 1782.

What on earth did he expect? And how does he expect the Great British Public to be behind him.

My personal opinion is that we should be kicking Assad’s sorry butt all the way into the sea, but I am only one voice.

But if Call me Dave wants the Great British Public to support him maybe he needs to rethink his strategy.  I’ll help him if he wants.

Once we set out to help our illustrious American cousins to police the world (right or wrong that is indeed what we did) the die was cast. The bit I don’t understand is why do we invade and thrash some countries and not others?  A ‘Dodgy Dossier’ led us to invade Iraq in search of the Weapons of Mass Destruction.  To my simple mind it seems that there is slightly more evidence that WMDs exist in Syria and that they are being used against the innocent population of that country?  So what is different?

I’ll tell you what is different my friends, we don’t have a bloody Army any more cos Dave and his predecessors have flogged it off.

I won’t bore you with all the minutiae, I have neither the time nor the space, but I’ll give you a few facts about our Army.  Similar facts exist for the Navy and Air Force.

In 1905 our proud British Army consisted of 449,000 soldiers of all ranks.

By the beginning of this year their ranks had shrunk to 91,320, including the officers.  To maybe put this in perspective, at March 2013 we had 129,584 Police Officers in England and Wales. Not enough we say, so how the hell does Dave expect to police the whole world with only 91,000 soldiers?

If you really want to see the full, unexpurgated truth, you’ll find it here.

And don’t even get me started on the Police, Fire & Rescue, Coastguard, Teachers, NHS et al.

Dave my friend you cannot slash vital services to the bone and expect the country to follow and support you. Government has spoken and chastised you for the first time in ages, take notice or go.

As I said in the beginning, my views, my rant. I shall now get on with my weekend and hope that you enjoy yours.

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