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Ask A Policeman?

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if I wanted to know how to make an atomic bomb (that will definitely get me on a list somewhere) I would ask a Nuclear Physicist.

If I wanted to know how to make a fine Wedding Frock I would ask a seamstress.

If I wanted to know how to cook a fantastic meal for Mrs Angry’s Birthday I would ask a Master Chef.

If I wanted to remove a Brain Tumour I wouldn’t ask anybody, I’d employ a Neurosurgeon.

Do you see what I’m getting at?

So if the government want to know how to Police the country with less resources, why don’t they listen to those who know. The Police Service contains a wealth of experience, and the government should realise that anybody within the ranks can have a good idea.

I’m a tad weary of hearing government ministers proclaiming that the Police Service should change and asking everybody BUT a Policeman how to achieve it.

Neither will they listen to arguments that their proposals won’t work. This government is so profoundly arrogant that any changes brought in wouldn’t dare fail.

Anybody sufficiently “off message” to point out that all you get for less is less, is ridiculed, marginalised, sent to the Naughty Step.

If either of my readers knows how to Police this country with less, I, for one, am perfectly willing to listen, please tell me.

I suspect, however, that Policing is the type of activity that doesn’t really work like that, and I’m perfectly happy to explain that to Mrs May, although I fear she won’t listen.

On the subject of Mrs May, have you seen her new hairdo?  Not quite sure what she’s done, but I suspect she’s probably being coached in ‘softening’ her image. Ms till got a long way to go then.

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2 Replies to “Ask A Policeman?”

  1. Jeff Piper

    Why speak to the experts on policing. They haven’t listened to the scientists on the Badger cull or on the effects of neonicotinoids on bees and the danger to the environment.
    The government knows best.

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