An Open Letter To Rt Hon Theresa May MP and Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP

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4 Responses

  1. Gordon Williamson says:

    Alan not sure of the response you will get but certainly can’t fault you asking.
    IPCC is not fit for purpose and clearly lacks the investigative skill and knowledge.
    Disclosure is bread and butter of any investigation/prosecution yet they can’t seem to grasp the concept.
    They are clearly not independent and do not seem to be accountable. If they were accountable then surely after so many major cases have fallen apart due to incompetence (at best) then heads would have rolled and reform implemented.
    There does not seem to be the will to deal with this!
    If they were to ask I can think of a number of SIO’s who would run a much better investigation and be far more independent!
    But I will be interested in the response if any!

  2. Ian Templeton says:

    Alan, as I know you like to keep on top of things just a reminder C4 on Thursday 18th Aug 10pm Secrets of a Police Marksman Tony Long giving an interview about some of the incidents he dealt with and how he was dealt wit. May (I say may) give a bit of illumination.

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