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A One Man Think Tank

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I don’t often recirculate old blogs, but I do occasionally, and today is one of those days.

Conversations on Twitter over the last week or so put me in mind of this blog ‘ere.

Most folk are of the opinion (possibly correct but possibly not) that they can’t do anything about the situation that we, the country, find ourselves in, after the actions of a despicable, arrogant coalition government who were elected by ……………erm ……nobody.  Did you vote for a coalition? I didn’t.

As somebody much wiser than I once said “A journey of a thousand miles begins in another man’s shoes” or something like that.

I am like a one-man think tank. I have ideas. Some may be good, some may be crap, some may be awful, that’s the way it goes. Policy Exchange for One.  They seem to be able to shape or influence government policy so I thought I’d have a go at it myself. I am not in a position to get anything done. I can’t really influence change, not by myself.

You may not think that we need to change anything, and that is clearly your right. You don’t have to change anything just coz I says so. But if you do want to change something, and, unless we are in a total dick tatership, we should be able to influence change, think on this.

Think about yourself for a mo.

If you are a Police Officer you will have access to a Federation Rep, or you might even be one.

If you belong to to one of the other Public Services that are threatened by this destructive, privatising government who pray nightly to the god of outsourcing you will have access to a Shop Steward, but that might mean that have to join the Union first.

I’m not quite sure how the Armed Forces work but I’m equally certain that you will have access to someone, I just don’t know who that someone is.

The Police Federation are not going to win this fight on their own.

Unison and PCS are not going to win this fight on their own.

The Armed Forces and the Coastguard Service are not going to win this fight on their own.

Why not reverse Divide and Conquer?  Unity is Strength.

I’m sure thousands of well meaning Police Officers and other Public Servants will shudder at the prospect, but just think how much ‘power’ can be wielded by all of these bodies working TOGETHER against the common enemy.

Before I’m carted off to the Tower and locked up for Treason or Subversion I must emphasise that I am not asking a single one of you to do something unlawful/unethical or immoral.  I believe I’m right in thinking that the Met Police Federation had a #DoItRight campaign, which would be something similar to a Work to Rule policy I guess.  They’re a right royal pain in the arse to follow but they tend to work. Take the Goodwill out of the equation and each and every one perform their duties just the way they are meant to be carried out.

The point is soon  made.

Joint rallies would potentially bring 100 of thousands onto the streets. I deliberately haven’t mentioned the word ‘strike’ that’s not what I’m about.

Please think about this seriously. We must be able to achieve something if we all pull TOGETHER.  A quick look at my blog 2015 will give you an idea of the scale of the problem.  I was recently described as a joiner up of the dots.  Well I’m going to try Painting By Numbers now. The government don’t really want you to join up the dots, they don’t want you to see the Big Picture.  By joining up the dots or painting the picture the scale of this government’s excesses becomes much clearer and that’s exactly what they don’t want you to see. To give them the benefit of the doubt one could describe it as young, inexperienced politicians being swept away by the power they suddenly find that has been vested in them.  On they other hand it could just be #SnoutsInTheTrough.

There you go, a relatively short blog today, but a blog from the heart of a one-man think tank.

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