Who Would Be A Cunning Linguist?

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Anybody who wants to join the Met apparently.

As from 20th July 2015 anyone considering joining the Met as a Constabule needs to be able to speak one or more of the following languages in addition to Eengleesh;

• Yoruba (Nigeria)
• Hebrew
• Arabic
• Hindi
• Punjabi
• Italian
• German
• Turkish
• Greek
• Spanish
• Polish
• Portuguese
• Sinhali (Sri Lanka)
• Bengali


No place there for Fronglais.

I can see how this might increase the number of BME applicants of Asian origin, but as for anybody else?  Who knows.

I shall probably be chastised as racist but when I lived in France I had to talk to the Gendarmes in French.. When I went to an official meeting and handed a leaflet it was in French, if I wanted it in English it was my responsibility to take it away and get it translated at my expense.

How many perfectly competent applicants from BME backgrounds, who would otherwise be an asset to the Met, be put off applying because they don’t speak one of the approved languages as well as English?

An applicant from Greece now, who can speak Greek and English, would now have priority over somebody who is born and bred in this country but can only speak English and Russian for example.

Looking at the article as it is wrote, it seems to me that the indigenous Englishman is well and truly disadvantaged, and that I, along with thousands of others, would no longer be eligible to apply.

I do apologise for two posts in one day, but this one has just kettled my swede as my eldest would say.

Never mind all of the other attributes one might be able to bring to the Met, being a Cunning Linguist is far more important at the moment.

Until, the next stupid policy.

Goodnight all.

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