The Hon Member for DeadBadgerShire has written to me again

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Once it became known that Keith Vaz MP had secured a Parliamentary debate for tomorrow (28th November) in relation to proposed changes to the Police Pension Scheme, I, like many others I suspect, wrote to my MP and asked him to support to the motion.

Now this MP has always been very good at responding to my letters, e-mails etc so I anticipated that this would be no different.

Yet again his secretary asked me for my address in order that he may respond and I waited anxiously and excitedly for the postperson to arrive.  Well today the postperson duly arrived with not one but two letters addressed to me from the House of Commons.  With mounting anticipation I tore open the envelopes and devoured the contents.  Both letters were from my MP.  Both letters were written on the same date.  Both letters were posted on the same date, but no, both letters could not be placed in the same envelope and save on postage costs.

One of the letters was about an entirely different subject, but then I saw his reply to my questions regarding the debate on Police Pensions.  My excitement and nervousness mounted in equal measure. I gingerly unfolded the letter and read the contents several times, to ensure that I had understood them correctly.

It is fair to say that I was so moved by this letter that a little tear formed in the corner of my eye and rolled, unchecked, down my cheek.  I was so moved that I thought I would immediately share the news with you all, so here it is, reproduced below, a faithful copy of that wonderful, momentous letter from the Hon Member for DeadBadgerShire;

Letter from Hon Member for DeadBadgerShire

I’m sure that having read it you will all share my excitement and confidence that a just outcome will be reached tomorrow.

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