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The Continuing Faux Pas Of Theresa May


Last updated on October 24th, 2023 at 03:40 pm

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I wrote some time ago about the failings of Theresa May, but she obviously didn’t get my memo. Nothing seems to have improved, and may even have got worse.  I even managed to find enough material for a sequel.

Since she won the raffle and effectively became leader of the Conservative Party, and thereby Prime Minister, unopposed, what has she achieved?

Since becoming Prime Minister she has continued her practice of not listening to practitioners, those in charge of policing, the NHS etc etc. What do they know? Crime is down, Police Reform is working still echoes along the corridors of Westminster, despite mounting evidence that both halves of her mantra are demonstrably untrue.

Since becoming PM she has made a whole host of new friends at Brussels, where she will be negotiating “HER  Brexit”

It is not HER Brexit by any means, it is OUR Brexit, the people of Great Britain.

This Strong and Stable leader of ours, not known for her love of U Turns, then commenced a series of U Turns.

  1.  Hinkley Point Power Station, despite her reservations, once she became Prime Minister, she gave the Go Ahead for Franco Chinese investment and building a new Power Station at Hinkley Point.
  2. Her promise to put workers on the boards of companies was much watered down in the Conservative Manisfesto.
  3. There isn’t going to be an early election – and then there was.
  4. Social Care – firstly payments were not going to be capped, and then they were, although she declined to elaborate at what level.

I’m sure there are several others, but you get the drift.

Throughout the recent election campaign she repeatedly uttered the mantras “Strong and Stable” and “Brexit means Brexit” until most ordinary folk were feeling quite billious.

So what have we seen since her disastrous election decision?

Failing to enter any TV debates.  I’m absolutely certain that was a faux pas, didn’t seem to do her any favours at all.

Having failed to achieve an outright majority in Parliament (her decision to have an election was such a good one that she actually lost several seats) she failed to do the honourable thing and resign, instead electing for a dubious relationship with the DUP.

Her two advisors during her election campaign have both fallen on their biros and resigned. Has Theresa May? No she has not.  She did not have to take their advice. She seemingly did not notice that their advice was flawed but followed it anyway.  Why should she deserve to remain in post?

There have been sevaeral Critical Incidents during her period as Prime Minister.  How has she reacted?  She has magnanimously thanked the Emergency Services for their skills, courage and professionalism.  Those same Emergency Services that has ruthlessly culled since 2010.  Does she think that we won’t notice?

Despite the ever-present risk of Terrorist attackes she has steadfastedly refused to deny reports that further cuts to Police Strength are planned for the next few years, maybe as many as 16,000 more cuts, including 4,000 in London alone.  Is that sensible in the current climate?  Is that Strong and Stable?

Following her ‘success’ in the recent election she has anounced that #Austerity is over.  No need for further cust then.

Her advisors who she was responsible for ‘losing’ are in line for a reported £35,000 payout, twice what they would normally be due at a time when Nurses are reportedly having to resort to using Food Banks and some Police Officers are on allegedly Benefits in an effort to feed their families.

Finally (I’m sure there are others though) she pitched up in West London at the scene of that awful, tragic fire and spoke with the Commissioner of the Fire and Rescue Service but apparently not with any survivors of the fire or local residents.  Did she visit any of the injured in hospital?  I don’t think so.

If we’re really lucky Mrs May will continue to provide me Faus Pas to write about for months to come, or maybe her days are numbered.  Who knows? “I got us into this mess I will get us out of it”

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