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Last updated on September 19th, 2023 at 03:57 pm

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Before I go any further this is NOT a post rubbishing Specials. If you search through my posts I don’t think I have ever done that, there are good and bad just the same as Regulars, and I have worked with some very good ones who went on to join as Regulars.

This post is about the College of Stupid Ideas and how #Degreegate will apply to Specials.

First we had their controversial admission that the lack of a Degree will not be a bar to promotion

Times have moved on and I was interested to know what the position was with members of, or entry to, the Special Constabulary. After all, PCSOs will now be subject to their own Apprenticeship Entry Scheme from this year.

So I asked the question

The answer that I received was this

However, somebody else got a different answer

At the very basic level Specials do very much the same job as Regulars, recently some have even been recruited into Specialist roles presumably due to the difficulty in filling those roles with Regulars. Every day of every week however Specials are carrying out the same roles as Response Officers. So my question is this:-

If Specials on the Front Line are not required to have a Degree then why are the Response Officers they work alongside required to have one? Or, more accurately, new recruits will be required to either possess a relevant Policing Degree or obtain one. The probationers and new recruits of the future will be working alongside Specials who are not required to have any sort of Degree.

I emphasise once again, this is not a dig at Specials but of a policy coming out of the College that does not seem to have been properly thought through.

Don’t get me started on Boris’s magic 20,000 extra officers. I truly hope that he can deliver it. I’m just struggling to see how he can faced with an average of 7,500 officers leaving the Service every year, so he really needs to recruit approx double his stated figure. The logistical problems of that are endless thanks to Tory cuts.

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