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Sheepdogs – A Guest Blog

Last updated on August 21st, 2023 at 12:48 pm

Last updated on August 21st, 2023 at 12:48 pm

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Not my words, these words were written by a former Senior Officer 10 years ago, but may still be relevant today, Sheepdogs – A Guest Blog

Many years ago I was asked to succinctly describe Policing.

I used the example of a sheepdog.

Out and about at all times of day, and night where needed, in all weathers and at the beck and call of the farmer and shepherd. They work as a team. They don’t eat until the days work is done.

Rushing here and there, moving the sheep where the farmer or shepherd needed them to be, generally quietly achieving the objective….keeping the sheep safe and secure.

To do this they bark, race around occasionally and sometimes get it wrong and nip some of the sheep and for this they get a kick or worse by the Shepherd.

The sheep are generally obedient and mostly respect the dog, some will fear it.

Constantly on the watch for predators, and should they appear, immediately placing themselves between the vulnerable sheep and lambs and the predator, no matter what size or species.

When circumstances occurred where there was no option they will give their lives to protect the sheep.

A good Shepherd understands that not all sheepdogs are the same, they need looking after if they’re to give their best, and sometimes will make mistakes or bite the very sheep they are supposed to protect. They take positive action to educate and train the dog.

But if a bad Shepherd continues to maltreat their sheepdog, certain things will happen:

The bad dog will never learn what good behaviour is.

The dog will do just what is really necessary, just in time, to appease the Shepherd

Ultimately the dog will just lie there, doing nothing. For it learns that it is going to get a kick whether it looks after the sheep or not, and finally

It runs away, leaving the sheep unprotected

And there we have it folks, sound familiar?

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