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Last updated on May 8th, 2023 at 11:42 am

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I wonder if the Federation, Supernintendo’s Association and NPCC have thought of it, because you can bet your sweet bippy that Cruella won’t have done, and if she has she’ll ignore and deny it.

Having lost 17,500 members of the Police Service, and regardless of what Gidiot says, more will surely follow, what happens about TRAINING?

Our Police are expected to be up to date with their training, knowledge and awareness of the relevant statutes and issues, but where is rhe resilience on the Front Line to cover while PC Smith and his team are on a Training Day?

The issues about reducing the Front Line are well documented, but those that are left are surely in serious danger of being de-skilled due to lack of, or unsuitable, training, and I don’t mean the arse-covering, tick-box CBT training that the Job are fond of, but proper training.

If you want your Police Officers to be Graduates, or equivalent, then you have to have a workable system to TRAIN THEM, the old “not enough on” excuse doesn’t really float, and who will be covering your back when you’re stood in front of a judge, or worse still, a Coroner, explaing that you “didn’t know” “haven’t been taught that”.  It might be the truth but it won’t hold much weight when the wheel comes off.

NPCC, Supts Assn and PFEW you surely need to look at this URGENTLY.

With this I bid you adieu and Merry Christmas

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