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Modern Day Policing – This Dinosaur Salutes You

Grim Reaper

Last updated on August 22nd, 2023 at 01:22 pm

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I originally posted this in a private Facebook Group, but one of my real-life friends (I do have a couple) suggested that it deserved a wider audience. So, if you’re reading this for the first time you can thank Dot.

Just a quickie before the Nurse comes to sedate me again, is it just me?

More and more and more over the past 2(?) years I have seen more PCs on the news, soaked in some poor kid’s blood, whose life they have either just saved, or tried to save before the experts arrived. Never in my service did I see, or even hear about, so many fine acts of compassion and giving. Every day there are maybe 2-3 stabbings, frequently fatal, and most of them statistically involve young BAME kids (can I say Black without being witch hunted?). Frequently the first officers on scene are required to, and do, administer emergency First Aid way beyond the Triangular Bandage that I used to struggle with, or the freshly ironed handkerchief. Those magnificent officers will have to go back to the nick, go home, or whatever, quite often literally covered in someone else’s blood, explain to their families, and pacify them, and probably suffer who knows how many sleepless nights because they failed to save that life or are simply haunted by the trauma of what they have just dealt with. Later that night they will turn on the telly box and have some opinionated t**t spout on about how the whole of the Police Service is corrupt and racist and should be ‘defunded’ or the newspaper they pick up will be full of the negative stories, some of which aren’t even news, and devote maybe a column inch to the fantastic life saving that seems to go on on an almost daily basis. Apart from being totally unfair to the magnificent work being done on the streets by our successors, this does nothing more thatn severely dent the already drained morale, savaged by Theresa May, and, now she’s gone, the MSM seem intent on carrying on her ‘good’ work. Well done to all of you still serving. Seriously, you deserve it, and Thank You.

You ARE appreciated, even by the dinosaurs amongst us.

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