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Make No Mistake – This Government Will ALWAYS Get Its Own Way

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Last updated on August 17th, 2023 at 09:10 pm

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The shenanigans, some say ‘corruption’, witnessed in Parliament yesterday is nothing new. Sadly, far from it. Make No Mistake – This Government Will ALWAYS Get Its Own Way

I’m sure there are people here with better, fresher, memories than mine, who can think of other examples, but I can think of at least three occasions when this government (in one of its Post 2010 forms) has bullied the public to get their own way.


The infamous ‘Reform’ of Policing. Part of that involved radical changes to the Police Pension Scheme. It was pointed out to Theresa May and co that they couldn’t do that, it was unlawful. So our caring, sharing government just changed the law to make their actions lawful.

Police & Crime Commissioner Elections

2016 Police and Crime Commissioner elections. After the first batch of PCCs the government didn’t want too many Independent PCCs making life awkward for them so they changed the rules JUST FOR THE PCC ELECTIONS.

All of the other elections were left alone. The £500 deposit was raised to £5000 and funding for one mailshot per candidate was withdrawn. No Independent candidate could canvas on an even keel having to fund their own mailshot, or put a £5k deposit at risk rather than £500.

Conservative Sleaze

Finally the performance of my local MP. Found to have been in breach of Parliamentary Standards on SIXTEEN occasions but rather than sanction him, the Conservative Party decided that they would have a crack at changing the rules instead.

The events of today have been somewhat of an embarrassment to the Government, but it has shown us one more time just what depths the majority of them will sink to in order to get their own way.

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