Lies Damn Lies and Statistics

Last updated on October 14th, 2023 at 12:11 pm

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I would like to begin by wishing my reader a Happy New Year and to hope that 2023 will be a somewhat better year than the last two, they have left me somewhat cluster****ed, but I’m getting there.

I even managed to miss the release of this week’s statistics for the Police Workforce and the Police Uplift Programme, but even a cursory glance this morning was sufficient to convince me that Tory lies, spin and misrepresentation are alive and well.

How do I know when the Tories are behaving so? There’s a Y in the day, simple as that.

The first that struck me was this


Lies Damn Lies and Statistics
Police Uplift Programme December 2022

There are less than 3 months to go until the end of PUP, yet, by their own admission they still have >3,000 to recruit to achieve their target. Possible? Probable? I don’t think so unless some major number tweaking goes on, or they recruit anybody who can drag themselves in. Many Forces, including the Met I’m told, have abandoned Face to Face interviews as part of the recruitment process. The first time anybody within the organisation claps eyes on them is when they pitch up for Day One.

Buried away in a previous Home Office report is this little nugget, which they don’t, unsurprisingly, crow about

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In 2021/22 more officers LEFT Policing than at anytime since 2010 definitely, and possibly longer.

Lies Damn Lies and Statistics

Central Service Secondments have done very well, MOST Forces have made overall gains, but everybody to the left of Cambridgeshire made overall losses in March to September last year.

Finally, I don’t want to exhaust myself or you on my first day back, but I just wanted to examine the Conservatives proud boast when this weeks data was released.

Lies Damn Lies and Statistics
Tory Boast

Apart from ‘Extra’ Officers morphing quietly into ‘New’ officers somewhere along the way, is that boast justified? I will leave you to decide for yourself.

Lies Damn Lies and Statistics
The Reality
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