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IDS – You’re A Bar Steward, You’ve Made It Personal Sir!!

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Mrs Angry is not happy. And it doesn’t do to have too many Angrys in the house all at the same time, oh no, not good at all.

Some buffoon called Iain Duncan Smith is apparently the top honcho, head fred at the Department of Work and Pensions.

idsHow does this affect Mrs Angry I hear you ask. Well, I’ll explain.  Mrs Angry, she’s well…….she’s knocking on a bit, has a Bus Pass and even uses it occasionally. To keep herself amused she works at a Charity Shop two days a week for (gasp) no pay. She does this for two reason; a) To “give something back” to the charity concerned, and b) to meet like-minded people and I’m sure the occasional chinwag breaks out, but it keeps the old girl happy.

So the staff of said Charity Shop comprises a small number of paid employees and predominantly volunteers, for obvious reasons.  Then along blundered a certain Iain Duncan Smith with his Slave Labour policy that meant people on the Dole (JobSeekers I believe) have to do unpaid work in order to retain their JobSeekers Allowance.

Head Office of said Charity Shop have agreed to take some of these slaves and use them on their shop floor.

Are you beginning to see how this affects Mrs Angry now?  As the ranks of the unemployed slave-trade JobSeekers swell it’s like trying to get a quart into a pint bottle, no room on the shop floor for them all. So what to do?  Sack the permanent staff? Well that’s not going to happen. Send the JobSeekers back from whence they came? Can’t see that happening.

Ultimately the grey volunteers such as Mrs Angry will be sent home, surplus to requirements, and if that happens .discontent will most certainly erupt at Angry Towers. IDS’s random policies have far-reaching consequences, affecting folk who do not claim benefits, not looking for work, just seeking to enjoy their retirement. Tranquillity will be extinct if IDS’s policies continue to their ultimate conclusion and Mrs Angry’s services are dispensed with.

So there we have it, an almost direct relationship between Iain Duncan Smith and me having to hoover the sitting room. No wonder I think he’s a bar steward.

Iain Duncan Smith DWP
Iain Duncan Smith DWP
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