I Need Some Help

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Well I probably need help in oh so many different ways, but more about that another time.

Not for the first time this week I’m going Off Piste and writing about something I normally wouldn’t, but I try to be fair, so I thought I’d give it a go.

The first thing I need to do is to make it clear that I’m ‘talking’ for myself, but you can all join in if you want to.

This morning I became aware of a new blog in town,   Superintendent Alun Morgan from South Wales, wherever that is, with a blog entitled

The Public Don’t Know


It really is a good read, and coming on the heels of John Sutherland’s excellent blog   and Simon Guillfoyle’s most excellent ‘Stick Family’ got me to thinking.

Unlike most of you, I’m sure, I can be very quick to write off Police Bosses as idiots.  Gaffers are Wankers, ACPO couldn’t find their arses with both hands.  I know you don’t think that, but I have sometimes, but I think I got away with it, but seriously, they are NOT all like that, it’s no more fair or accurate than saying all Coppers are Bent, there’s good, bad and indifferent.  Without naming names there are Gaffers out there that I knew when they were Probationers, where did I go wrong?, and it made me realise, without a trace of sarcasm, that we actually need MORE Sutherlands, MORE Morgans and MORE Guillfoyles.

Finally the Gaffers are entering the bloggersphere and these examples (I’m sure there are others that I’ve either forgotten or not read yet) are shining a light, in both directions at once.

Their informative, calm and well-balanced blogs are highlighting to the Public what life is like in the Police Service, across the Rank Structure.  They are not blinkered, nor Rank-centric.  They are a damn fine example of Senior Officers demonstrating that they have not lost touch with the Grass Roots, Front Line, Ground Floor, and that is EXACTLY why they should also appeal to serving Cops.  They tell a tale of Gaffers who have ‘been there’, dealt with all of the crap that life can throw at them, and remembered it, and remember that those that follow them are enduring that today and every day.

I don’t suppose that my musings are going to be very popular at all in the Stratosphere, BHH is probably sticking pins into a doll at this very minute, but do I care?  Not that he reads it himself I don’t suppose.  He probably has a flunky for that “Read Angry’s latest shit and tell me if I need to give a toss Smythe!”

If you are a Superintendent, ACPO/NPCC rank officer and just happen to come across this little blogette of mine please consider writing one yourself, every Force should have at least one @PoliceCommander writing excellent articles without the political drivel that so many bosses have swallowed.  Many seem to have forgotten whom they serve, not themselves, not striving for the next rank, if they are good at what they do that will come naturally.

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