HMIC » #023/2012 – Police custody in Staffordshire – improving

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HMIC » #023/2012 – Police custody in Staffordshire – improving.


HMIC have conducted a study of Custody in Staffordshire Constabulary and havbe found many things to be satisfactory.  This service is provided by G4S in Staffordshire and I am somewhat dismayed by the things that HMIC found could have been done better.


There is absolutely no excuse for this:-

although there was an appropriate oversight of the custody function, the structure wasn’t clear enough at several points: a centralised custody model had been in place for two years, but was not fully embedded in consistent standards and practice;


and for a company (G4S) that does provide Medical Services, there is no excuse for ‘health services’ etc etc not to be up to the mark.


If this is an example of what all of the other Constabularies are facing, I will continue to worry

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