Government Policing and Contempt

Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 12:36 pm

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I make no apology for concealing the identity of my contributors, but within 48 hours I received 2 pieces that show just how contemptuous the government are of Policing, and, worse, they are dragging National Police Chiefs Council officers along with them.

The first from a friend, an ex-colleague, an ex-pat who wrote thus;

XXXX, on a completely different track. Was recently in correspondence with John Murray who has selflessly fought for justice for Yvonne Fletcher. There’s a number of issues. The government have been obstructive and refused to release information and intel regards those involved and their knowledge of events prior to and after the shooting. The circling of the wagons by Senior Police management and their lacklustre pursuit of those responsible. The lack of support/assistance by the Federation. John has fought and financed much of this out of his own pocket. A truly amazing and dedicated man.

He is working nights to raise funds for the continuing legal fight to get justice for Yvonne Fletcher.

I could not help but draw some comparisons to the Craig Mackey debacle and how Senior Police management, government and the “establishment” have all come together again to cover each others backs. It just brings it home how little value they place on the life of a Police officer. It is all rather depressing and sobering to contemplate that Senior Police Management (I can’t bring myself to call them officers or leaders as that implies that they have some honour and moral compass) really have so little regard for their own officers and are unwilling to fight their corner.


The second from an ex-Met officer on an almost identical theme

Update from John XXXXXXX

First of all I must mention our good friend Tony XXXXXXX.Tony, who, amongst others, has been a pillar of strength to myself and the campaign, the information and evidence he had obtained has been second to none and a massive boost. Tony is currently in The London Hospital Whitechapel, after receiving Major Heart Surgery, other complications set in and he has been in the ICU and Critical care Unit for a number of weeks. I have had the pleasure of visiting him twice during this time, and will do so again next week. he is heavily sedated and has a voicebox fitted, but is in good spirits and is slowly on the road to recovery. For those of you who wish to send a card the address is Mr Tony XXXXXX, Ward XXX, Room X, The London Hospital Whitechapel. I have passed on your best wishes and will advise you all when he can have some more visitors.

On Saturday 27th October I received a call from our lawyers. The due date to commence the High Court action is in November, should we miss this deadline then we can go no further and our man ‘ will walk ‘. To this end I have an urgent meeting with them next Tuesday 30th October to discuss the progress to date and find a way forward and proceed. When on a visit to see Tony I updated him, he said to me from his bed in the CCU ‘ For God’s sake don’t give up ‘ I will try my utmost to convince the lawyers to continue, possibly on a pay later basis. We shall see.

I have had more documents delivered to my vis UPS from the CIA, due to my request under the FOIA. These documents prove beyond doubt our legal claim and clearly proves what went on both before and after the shootings that day.

I also have to inform that the TV Drama programme is well advanced,it will be called ‘ The Promise ‘ and at the same time that the series is aired my book will follow, published by ITV Publishing.

It has been a long hard, expensive 34 years, but it all comes down now to the last 3 weeks, I am confident we will get the justice we seek and ‘ The Promise ‘ will have been fulfilled.

As always your continued support is vital, together we will win, and show the establishment how much they underestimated us. They thought they could silence us when they dismissed our Judicial Review, how wrong they were.


The stark reality of how trivially successive governments have the life of a Police Officer. We will never forget the callous murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, but neither will we forgive those involved in the underhand shenanigans that followed rather than just seek justice for the slain officer.

Finally, on top of all of this the government pretend to augment the fight against Terrorism by giving an ‘extra’ £160 Million to Counter Terrorism Policing. My understanding is that this merely represents the cost of CT operations over the last year or so and is nothing more than a refund.

But we can have a new 50 pence coin.

Throw in the fact that Hammond would rather spend £420 Million on potholes than give the Police Service an equivalent amount to fill the black hole in the Pension Fund (which puts a further 10,000 Police Officers at risk of losing their jobs) and it is crystal clear how much contempt May’s government has for the Police Service

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