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A slightly different topic today, nothing whatsoever to do with Genetically Modified Crops but Female Genital Multilation.

I have to confess there was a time in my life when I didn’t really know much about FGM, I naively thought it was on a par with circumcision and sort of accepted it.  Then, about 30 years ago, a family moved in opposite who, it seems, practised FGM and I quickly learnt a lot more about it.

Fast Forward 30 years and this morning I have been reading lots on Kevin Hurley’s Twitter Timeline about it, and I wholeheartedly agree that it’s time we brought this out in the open and end this barbaric practice.  The hashtag #StopTheScreaming is particularly appropriate, and I’m sorry if it brings shudders to your shoulders, I certainly don’t apologise for highlighting the issue.

I have said nothing on the issue for too long now, but Tweets this morning have put it all into perspective and made me feel guilty enough to write something about it.

We have had campaigns about #BreastFeeding, quite a high profile campaign, and not without its merits, but how does the sight of a bare breast in public compare to the traumas of #FGM?  No comparison.

We have had a high-profile and ultimately successful campaign about Child Abuse.  I’m going to say nothing to belittle that campaign but why should the campaign against #FGM be any less serious?  We may not be able to influence the practice in their home countries, but we can be strong in this country. Our Country, Our Rules.  Let’s not beat about the bush, IT IS ILLEGAL.  It’s an assault, pure and simple, and I’m not sure that Circumcision isn’t unless done for medical reasons, or the ‘recipient’ is old enough to make an Informed Consent.

So, come on folks, just for once, let’s try and raise the profile of the campaign against #FGM and hopefully #StopTheScreaming.  It is barbaric, plain and simple.

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