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When I first saw this hashtag on Twitter, I didn’t really believe it.  In my 30 years service and the 10 years after I have never heard of anything like it.  In that 40 years there have been way too many Service funerals all over the country and never, in my experience, has such an offer been made before.  I think it’s an absolutely brilliant scheme and I’ve just this minute noticed that the press are getting behind it too.  You can sign up to offer your services at Constable Chaos’ Facebook Page

This is, as I have said, entirely without precedent, and no-one knows the feasibility of it all but ACC Gary Shewan of GMP has promised to take a look at it and I’m absolutely certain he will invoke  if it is at all possible.

As at 11:20 this morning (20/09/2012) 2,707 of you had pledged to assist in your own time in order that GMP officers can attends the funerals of their colleagues.  I am absolutely blown away by this, as will many of you be.  Uniformed Officers, Tecs and Police Staff, all volunteering to help out their own.  Very humbling.

Well Done to Constable Chaos and I absolutely hope that this idea turns into a reality.

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