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Codes Of Conduct – They Are There To Be Complied With


Last updated on September 22nd, 2023 at 12:46 pm

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For example PACE (Police And Criminal Evidence Act) is a complex piece of legislation, so there are numerous Codes of Conduct each relating to a different aspect of PACE.  By virtue of these Codes both sides (Police and Public/Persons Detained) knows exactly what to expect in any given situation and (in the Police’s case) how they are expected to behave.

Good idea?  Most people think so, even if they are a right royal pain to remember and put into practice.  Stick to the Codes and you won’t go far wrong.

Great idea. Simple.

Codes of Practice have been brought in all over the shop now, for much the same reasons.  Not just the Police, but all manner of organisations.

Even the mighty Independent Police Complaints Commission has Codes of Praqctice for various things.  As the ‘watchdog’ and final arbiter of all things wrongdoing within the Police it wouldn’t be doing for the IPCC to be in breach of their own Codes of Practice would it?

Excuse me while I laugh because I have just caught them with their very own pants down.



Browsing ther website I happened to notice that the Gifts and Hospitality Register and the Register of Commissioners’ Interests were seriously out of date, not having been updated, or indeed, reviewed,  since June 2015.  So, being a good citizen I sent them the two following Freedom of Information Requests.

I note from your website that your Gifts and Hospitality Register contains only information for January to June 2015

Could I please be provided with an electronic, up to date, copy of the Commissioners’ Gifts and Hospitality Register


I note from your website that the ‘Published Version’ of the Commissioners’ Register of Interests has not been updated since June 2015, nor reviewed since July 2015.

The Commissioners’ Code Of Conduct states that the Commissioners’ Register of Interests should be open to the public and kept up to date.

Could I please be provided with an electronic, up to date, copy of the Commissioners’ Register of Interests?

Well, not surprisingly both requests were ultimately refused, but for slightly different reasons.

With reference to the first one, their refusal stated

And the second said

So, it’s good to know that the IPCC adhere to their Commissioners’ Code of Conduct and that their Registers are now up to date and available online.  I truly hope that theu have not had cause to investigate any poor, unfortunate officer for breaching Codes of Conduct between June 2015 and October 2016, that would be a tad naughty wouldn’t it?

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