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Police Uplift Programme The Final Chapter

Reading Time: 3 minutes Apologies for the delay, but I appear to have survived moving this blog site to another host, so off we go.   Just over a month ago, at the end of March, the Police Uplift Programme reached its end.  Its intention was to add 20,000 extra officers to the world of Policing in England and Wales.  […]

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The Police Uplift Programme

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Police Uplift Programme is the rather grand name given to the vanity project that is Boris’ 20,000 Extra Police Officers. So that’s what it is, but is it working? If you get taken in by the publicity then you will think that it is working. Publicity seemingly endorsed by the National Police Chiefs Council.

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Police Now – Impact Assessment

Reading Time: 4 minutes I have read much on Twitter this week about Police Now and how they have contributed to the world of Policing. I was particularly taken with their response to a conversation on Twitter regarding their collection of certain socio-economic data as part of their selection process. In the interest of fairness I reproduce the relevant

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And A Happy New Year To You Too

Reading Time: < 1 minute It didn’t take long.  My first post of 2016 is back to questining an old chestnut from last year. All was going well, I was sitting quietly in the kitchen munching on my Coco Pops when it happened.  I happened upon a Tweet from Jack Dromey MP asserting (once more) that the Police should look

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