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Today is not a day for ranting, today is a day for calm reflection, so I will do my best.

Yesterday we received the ‘Conclusion’ of the Mark Duggan Inquest. Some will be satisfied with the Conclusion, some will obviously not be, but I don’t suppose anyone is ‘Happy’ with it.

I shall make very few comments about Mr Duggan, I don’t really know enough about him, the person.

Personally, I think Lawful Killing is the correct conclusion. What has dismayed/disgusted/appalled me (delete as applicable) are the comments from people who should know better.  Just for now I’m prepared to excuse reaction and comments from the immediate Duggan family, it must be a very hard time for them.

The Duggan family solicitor however, is much more difficult to explain. If she wants to stand outside the Royal Courts of Justice and pronounce that Mark Duggan was ‘Murdered’ by the Police I think that is a disgraceful way to behave and ‘Unprofessional’ is as mild as I can get. Ten good men and true have listened to the evidence, they have asked questions, they have been provided with answers, and finally they have pondered and considered, finally coming to a majority conclusion 8-2 in favour of Lawful Killing, with the other 2 in favour of an Open Conclusion. Not one of them was in favour of Unlawful Killing. If the Duggans’ solicitor is not happy with that maybe she’s in the wrong job; that’s how Justice works in this country.

I then had to put up with Lee Jasper on Sky News. I haven’t a clue what he was on but I’ll have a pint of it any time. I had already had to challenge him earlier. On 18th December, whilst the Inquest was still hearing evidence, Lee Jasper Tweeted this:-

“Lee Jasper@LeeJasper 18 Dec

@MikePannett @MayorofLondon @metpoliceuk The summary execution of unarmed Mark Duggan cannot be tolerated whatever our concerns about gangs”

He had already decided that this was a summary execution, even though the Coroner’s Jury were yet to reach their Conclusion.

I do not think that this is helpful to anybody.

Later that month he also Tweeted this absolute classic

“Lee Jasper@LeeJasper 28 Dec

@nickareay @OliverKamm Black people in UK can’t be racist.”  Says who Lee? You?

Diane Abbott MP is another on my shitlist after Tweeting “If the Duggan jury believe that he did not have a gun in his hand when he was shot, how can they find it was a lawful killing?” Someone really ought to explain to her how having a gun in your hand is not the only permissible reason for the use of lethal force. Not at all responsible from an elected politician.

I could go on forever, but I won’t. Firearms officers are not automatons, they are highly trained professionals who do the very best they can under impossible conditions. If Duggan had not been shot and then went on to produce a 2nd weapon and injure members of the public, then the Police would be at fault in the eyes of some for NOT shooting him. I ask all of the critics “Would you like to be in the position of deciding whether or not to pull the trigger?”  Would you? Could you? It truly is a job like no other.

Mark Duggan always had the option to surrender peacefully and if he had he would still be alive today. Here endeth my non-rant.

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