WTF Are You On Boris?

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  1. If we had held on to Peel centre sight and upgraded, and added we would have had medical centre for injured and convalescing officers HQ offices, recruit and training all on one site. The money from the sale of NSY would have gone a long way to accomplishing this. I know it is at one end of the area but its easier to get to Hendon than it is to get to SW1 most days. It was a secure site, had loads of potential and was given to the Met by the RAF for policing purposes.

    • You’re absolutely right. Whilst it will no doubt annoy some, if the Met had built on the playing fields at Peel Centre and expanded and upgraded as you said, they could, indeed, have had a world class resort all on one site. How short-sighted eh?

  2. jaded48 says:

    When police stations have been sold off the teams move to a converted shop front nearby.I have a great mental picture of Bernie and his sycophants squeezing into an empty charity shop in Victoria Street,one toilet and shower between them and no parking.

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