When Exactly Is This Home Secretary Going To Listen?

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  1. Julian says:

    With regards to crime figures apparently come down.

    from my own experience in dealing with many victims of crime and having to report crimes on their behalf, many victims no longer report crime wrongly believing it is a waste of time and I am sure that this is a factor rather than any genuine reduction of crime.

    Competency of officers in understanding relevant aspects of the law is also quite poor, I think that ticking boxes via e learning is no substitute for classroom learning conducted by experienced uniform and CID officers.

    • Alan says:

      In my opinion e-learning is just an arse-covering exercise so that Senior Management can wash their hands when the wheel comes off “they’ve had the training, it’s their fault”

  2. John Hurst says:

    Dear All,

    There is almost certainly no justification for “Austerity” because local authorities have large amounts of money stashed abroad. See these articles for an acount of this:



    I am working on getting Dyffed-Powys police to invesigate this.

    Regards, John Hurst.

  1. October 19, 2015

    […] When Exactly Is This Home Secretary Going To Listen? http://t.co/s1O9hcD2Z1 via @alanw47  […]

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