What Price A Firearms ‘Ticket’?

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  1. soontobegone says:

    They, the firearms officials / experts and probably every afo were waiting for the verdict. Guilty and l expect that all tickets would have been chucked in. Not guilty and they continue as usual but Why?

    There is something wrong when we see cases like this, and let’s face it there are more and more coming to the fore, where varying opinions and those with vested interests sway the direction of the case.

    The last two cases concerned two hardened criminals who were tooled up and still we question why they were shot as if we can just shout in a loud voice and they all give up without a shot fired. It’s not the the fecking movies where you can slow mo or rewind, a split second is a lifetime.

    When you give someone the training and authority to use lethal force you have to accept that mistakes can happen in highly stressful situations. When it happens we cannot all take a big step back and leave the officer to the whim of IPCC or CPS.

    Remember the guy with the table leg in a carrier bag?

    There needs to be a full support for afos and tickets should be handed in until there is. No more big trials with Daily Mail reporting standards and second guessing.

    That’s my opinion only, other opinions are available.

    • retiredandangry says:

      I couldn’t agree more. We train our AFOs on the range and in the classroom, then we place no trust in them and crucify them for an honest, split-second, error of judgement. None of them leaves home intent on taking a life. Yes, all tickets should be handed back until the Management can provide meaningful support.

  1. July 5, 2015

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