Unsatisfactory Performance Procedure

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4 Responses

  1. julian180748 says:

    I am presently supporting a civilian control room operator in similar circumstances.

    She is a very competent worker and often requested by different departments to help in different departments of the CCC.

    She has a disability which is managed by medication and unfortunately she developed different illnesses which were not picked up by her GP and resulted in her attendance being affected.

    Police officer supervisers seemed to be more sympathetic but the civilian supervisers went for her which I believe was to assist with annual appraisals and promotion prospects.

    Whilst she was working at her post, she was unceremoniously suspended from work due to previous sickness absence, had to surrender her ID and escorted from the premises.

    She subsequently attended a hearing where the force werev seeking dismissal and she was able to keep her job but with a 18 month written warning which would prevent her from applying for any other posts.

    Despite being able to prove that her previous absences were due to undiagnosed illnesses which were covered by the DDA she is still subject to the written warning.

  2. lambtonwyrm says:

    Too many companies deal with sickness in the same way as unsatisfactory performance. Too many times ill and they question your “capability” to do the job. This results in written warnings & eventually dismissal. Even though the sickness is genuine and cannot be avoided. People then feel undue pressure to attend work because they are afraid of the consequences of staying off for a genuine reason. No leeway is given for an illness which recurs e.g. migraine or one where there are episodes of illness.
    This then increases the stress on a person making them worse and so it goes on.
    Support your staff and realise that not everyone is the same with regards to sickness.

  3. Bob Southgate says:

    Well done for raising this issue Alan, it is being abused by forces and it is bullying, pure and simple. While you have a promotion system where providing evidence of dealing with “misconduct issues” as essential criteria it is likely to continue.

  4. ideb8 says:

    Yes. Doesn’t ex-DCI Rodger Patrick nail it though?

    First they came for the Honest Triers & Saints (p64)
    Then they bullied the whistleblowers
    Next they fingered the social media pundits
    And castrated the Fed so their strained voice wouldn’t be heard
    Now they’ve come for the weakest, the sick
    Soon they’ll bully any vulnerable who still remain, those too quiet perhaps
    And anyone without a voice to shout foul or for help
    It’s a roller coaster feeding frenzy. But under wraps

    Larger and faster cuts than are strictly necessary prove handy to increase the scope for Tory funder contracts. All else falls by the wayside – by any means – including a PR-drugged, cynically-Nudged & still-docile electorate.

    More cuts to feed Tory funders on the carcass of a smaller state. It’s the mother of all food banks..

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