To Stop Or Not To Stop, That Is The Question

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4 Responses

  1. Keith cCunliffe says:

    Will this end up with a gang of local undesirables “setting up” an officer to get his powers removed (their word against his in any kangaroo court.) What would the sanction be if any officer refused to apologise?

  2. Gordon Williamson says:

    Well this is what we all feared when the blatant political changes were brought in. No longer are the police independent to enforce the law of the land using the powers that are granted under statute and if these powers are abused the police are answerable and disciplinary sanctions are available. Now individual PCC’s can dictate how laws are enforced in their area depending upon their political views and not on the laws and powers granted by parliament. When most of the PCC’s were not elected with a clear majority or mandate it hardly seem appropriate that they can impose changes to the law of the land. If the same level of support was applied to PCC’s as is required by Unions to implemente industrial action most would not quality to hold office. This less than democratic process has been forced upon the people of the UK and now PCC’s feel they are empowered to change laws without due process. This is a slippery slope that will end in confusion with laws being enforced in a haphazard way in different areas throughout the UK. It would seem that our Chief Police Officers are ether impotent and unable to enforce law and discipline in their individual areas of responsibility or are too busy playing politics and sucking up to who ever they feel will benefit them the most. Time our Senior Police Officer grew a pair

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