To Double-Crew Or Not To Double-Crew?

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5 Responses

  1. Julian King says:

    I fully agree with Alan, a uniformed sergeant on night duty at my station was stabbed to death by 2 suspects who also disabled his personal radio at the time by cutting through the lead. I was a DC at the same station at the time, the officer’s name was Alan King who was the most mild mannered and polite Sergeant I had ever come across.

    Over the years I have seen many incidents which may have been prevented by officers being double crewed and I feel in this day and age where the levels of violence have increased, it is frankly negligent for forces to send out officers single crewed.

    It is also a false economy as it is more likely that an officer struggling on his own with a prisoner is likely to be injured and have time off sick.

    Police Federation, what the hell are you doing? Home Office Guidance re conduct matters have reduced your responsibilities as you will see from the guidance that you are not to investigate on behalf of your client or become a witness, most officers are typing their own applications for legal representation which; merely need a sign off before going to Leatherhead.

    A Met Fed Rep I spoke with had 15 ongoing fed cases whilst still working full time on a response team, this ultimately resulted in virtually no case preparation for an officer at a Stage 3 attendance meeting who was dismissed with 28 days notice however; the warrant card was taken away. There was not one jot of evidence re the much publicised stance by the MPS on mental health of officers.

  2. Soontobegone says:

    For as long as l have been in the job,29 years, double crewing has always been an issue. However the shift always had each other’s back and basically double crewed using our own initiative. The supervision knew this and rarely objected as they didn’t agree with single free policies. It was done but not talked about.

    Go to the mid 2000 and reducing staff levels and larger workload spread the diminishing ranks further.Number crunchers ruled.

    Now all the radio sets have GPRS and the control room knows Where you are so very hard to disguise your location.

    Until the Federation and rank and file unite and demand that this single crewing policy changes nothing will happen.

    Last week we had the spit hood debacle. Really !

    These numpties (SMT) need to get real and address the issues that are important. A double crewed unit will always be able to deal with just about any incident without back up. Single crew and all the area cars end up backing up. Then there is no one left. Can they not work that one out themselves.

    Remember the last buzz word. “We don’t need to work harder, just smarter”.
    I could have punched the c@nt who said that.

    l didn’t realise than l was working like a dumb fooker for so long.

    Well the SMT need to listen to their own bullshit and be smarter.

    Now breathe…….Less than 240 days. Yippee .

  3. Rufus says:

    The government don’t care about the safety of the police or officers. The bosses are hand picked to tow the line and will only blame failures on the poor front line bobbies desperately trying to keep the wheel on despite it having fallen off already. People say ‘Wait til somebody is killed’. Well, bobbies HAVE been killed and violence is increasing.

    They. Don’t. Care.

    Neither do the courts. Neither does the government

    I have experienced more violence and aggression in the last year than ever before and when you try to defend yourself legitimately from violence you dread the consequences as there is always the lingering fear PSD are under instruction to reduce the wage bill.

    They don’t want double crewing because it reduces the amount of available units. So they send single crewed cops into all sorts of dangerous situations and back fill with PCSOs to fool the public that there is more warranted constables. And if an officer was injured or something was cocked up they would lay the blame on that officer because they can. And they do. And they will continue to do so because we have no union snd every day the media drip drip drip negative news reports so the public despise and mistrust the very few left keeping civil society functioning.

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