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  1. Gordon Williamson says:

    Alan, is this a terrorist incident? Is this guy a genuine terrorist or is he a person with mental health issues who has been influenced by current events. I’m sure all will become clear.
    Always a tragedy for those who get injured and their loved ones and we can thank goodness that the incident was not far more serious!
    Single or double crewed is definitely something that needs to be looked at as is the issue of whether officers should be routinely armed. Many who are wiser than I will argue those points probably long after many have sacrificed themselves whilst waiting for them to make a decision!
    I was pleased to see that the officers present had tasers and true to UK Police tradition acted in a restrained and proportionate manner.
    It is of note that they had to taser this man twice to subdue him. Whatever the decision on arming the Police they should have many of the ” less than lethal options available ”
    I am a firm believer in you can never have to many of these options available.
    Many years ago as an armed officer I was called to a man berserk with a knife. On arrival, there certainly was a deranged individuals with a large kitchen knife. We did not have gas or tasers but the old metal dustbins were employed innovatively to subdue him rather than having to shoot him.
    The point being that those that saw him being “sweded” with a dustbin probably thought it a little less than sophisticated although effective.
    I firmly believe that the majority of UK Police Officers will always choose whatever none lethal options that they have available in preference to the lethal option.
    So let’s give them as many of those options as possible.
    But let’s not let that distract us from the real debate!
    There are some who with all the best intentions are not suitable for officers to even try to use the none lethal option.
    That’s why we need to trust our officers to make the right decision and then not judge them with the benefit of hindsight.
    We must allow them to do the job of ensuring the safety of the Great British Public and to enable them to do that they must have the right equipment and (more importantly) training to do the job.
    What would have happened if this incident was not a man with a knife but several with firearms?
    Times they are a changing, and how far is not a decision for me too make.
    What I will say is well done to the officers that restrained this suspect and then protected him from some who would have done him harm! Maintaining the high standards of our Police.
    (Are these the same officers who some said were overweight and not fit for purpose?)
    Well done to the public who openly voiced their objections to this man carrying out these acts in their name!

  2. Rufus says:

    The emphasis is now on value. Take this story about PCSOs replacing police, fire and ambulance services:

    Its all about ‘cost effectiveness’ i.e deskilling and reducing wages. No way will they ever pay for every cop in the land (even if the number falls to 80,000) to be armed and properly trained. Even in the midst of a full blown ISIS invasion they wouldn’t do it….they would just sent ‘tri-responders’ armed with a bucket of water and some calpol.

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