This Is EXACTLY How This Government Views A True Hero

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4 Responses

  1. Glenn Tomlinson says:

    It’s very odd that the Government would object to this petition on the grounds that they’ve given. Maybe the real reason is that if such a petition were to succeed, it would cast a spotlight on something they’d rather the public didn’t know. That due to their failings an unarmed police officer was killed protecting parliamentarians and others, while he grappled with an armed killer. Fortuitously his killer was stopped by an armed police officer who just happened to be nearby, as an armed protection officer to a government minister. If it had not been for this officer, it would have been left to other unarmed officers to deal with this Jihadi, intent on killing. Because here’s the rub: The post to which Pc Palmer was stationed, which had previously been an armed post, had been down graded to that of the ‘traditional unarmed bobby’, apparently because
    certain Parliamentarians had objected to the unseemly sight of armed officers at the Palace of Westminster. Pc Keith Palmer leaves a wife and children, without a husband and father, all because some important people felt that it was not in keeping with our traditions, to have armed officers posted in plain sight at the Palace.

    • retiredandangry says:

      From their response this morning they certainly don’t want it being seen by a large number of people, and they have taken it down so that is not even visible as a ‘Failed Petition’ or whatever they call it. It never existed. I’m quite certain that there would be far more shame on Parliament than distress caused to PC Palmer’s friends and family, I would never wish to,do that.

  2. Gordon Williamson says:

    Ironic thatit is his friends and colleagues that in all probability have signed the petition request.
    Obviously they couldn’t say sorry Theresa May made a complete mess of immigration policy and targeted hard working British Citizens of West Indian origin which has become not only an embarrassment to the government but a national disgrace.
    So to spare her embarrassment we have tried to limit the damage and embark on a cheap political ploy so that the Conservative government might stand a chance of retaining some voters from ethnic minority communities.
    So we made up a memorial day for Stephen Lawrence.
    I doubt there are any Police Officers or former police officers who do not view Stephen Lawrence’s death as an appalling crime against an innocent young man.
    But my goodness how many other victims of equally appalling murders have there been on the UK streets under some horrendous circumstances.
    At this time there’s an epidemic of violence and deaths mainly against young men predominantly from ethnic minority communities directly attributable to yet another of Theresa Mays I’ll thought out policies.
    Policies that have been politically motivated rather than being based on evidence or sound judgement.
    Policies that she has pushed through ignoring evidence that indicated that her judgement to be flawed.
    This is yet again a cynical, shallow manipulation that has been ill conceived and will leave so many families of the victims of violence and racially motivated violence of all races and colours feeling that they in some way not worthy.
    It’s not that Stephen Lawrence is not deserving the point is that they are all deserving.
    What should have been thought through and considered and could have been something noble, honourable that commemorate the loss of so many lives and provided some comfort to so many families has been reduced to no more than a cynical political ploy that doesn’t even come close to dealing with the grief of losing a loved one to violence.

    • retiredandangry says:

      This government is a total shambles. Most probably due to a lack of experience. They certainly don’t want the petition to be seen. By marking it as Confidential it disappears as though it never existed.

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