The State Of The Nation

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7 Responses

  1. Andy wright says:

    Desperately sad, sadly true. How on earth has it come to this?

  2. Dave Telford says:

    Please get this published in the main stream press or further on the Internet. You really have hit the nail on the head. Thank you for voicing what many are thinking. Thank God that we retired Officers now have freedom of speech.

  3. Sour grapes says:

    I have been a police officer only for six years and yet I have seen shifts reduced to skeleton crews of demoralised burned out cops, vehicle fleets decimated, the best most knowledgeable officers take early retirement, many more quit and a noticeable shift in public attitude. Most of the public have swallowed May’s bollocks about us all being corrupt/lazy/useless and even decent members of society treat you with disdain. It has gone from being a job that I was proud about to one where I daren’t tell anyone because of the numerous threats from sh*tbags to terrorists.

  4. ideb8 says:

    Yes, am sure many members of public do manage to identify root of all weevils in Home Office, aided and abetted by highly-bonussed police top brass, all of whom combine to muddy the breaking waters of opinion – but to the detriment of 99% of decimated staff.

    Just one example of how these weevils, by alienating public opinion, endanger those on the front line while employing endless lies & vindictive bullying to avoid blame, is their vile misuse of RIPA, ok’d from on high against non-terrorists.

    This, among many other examples, blackens opinion against all justice agencies, not just the self-selected “establishment” elite, sipping whisky in their Whitehall clubs as they chat about (& later decide – on our behalf..) what may or may not be in the “public” interest, in their non-humble opinion.

    Jihadists? Pah!
    Join our Gihadits Party (the Gee-I’ve-Had-Its)..

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