The Right Honourable James Patrick

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  1. ideb8 says:

    It seems there’s a group of Twits claimimg to be concerned for James or his honour but whose sole purpose seems to be his financial downfall.

    Rather than enquire from friends of James as to whether the funds being raised on his future behalf will be held safely or are being collected by knaves and robbers, they attack with a vitriol whose only purpose can be to deprive PC Patrick and his family of future support.

    Rather than read the pages linked to from the ‘HelpThePatricks’ twitter profile, the Twits mindlessly insult any supporters associated with the fundraising effort.

    I trust they haven’t fooled themselves (or anyone else) into believing they support James because their destructive abuse proves their interests are with those in the Met management who have already destroyed the career of a fine officer and it is obvious that their vindictiveness still has a deep well of malice in reserve, itching for deployment.

    We’ve received no queries at all to despite the claimed lack of vital information. Rather than hound Alan like a pack of bored hyenas for his rock solid support for James, can the Twits now prove they actually care one iota for the welfare of James and his family?

    • Not one person has asked me for their donation to be refunded, and in fact previous donors have intimated that they will donate again next month.

      I am not hiding behind an anonymous account, I’m quite willing to answer questions from anyone who has the courtesy to tell me who they are

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