The Police Are The Public

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  1. Keira Cunningham says:

    I think you’re mixing up several different issues here – one of the main reasons for UK Policing being subjected to greater reduction in spend than some of our European counterparts is because of an OECD comparison study which showed that UK spent considerably more on it’s policing than other European countries. In addition UK Policing for a long time had one of the lowest retirement ages for it’s police officers in Europe – in Denmark for example officers retire at sixty five.
    In addition (and seperately) most EU countries have, over the past decade tried to minimise the fiscal impact of costly pension costs ( hence the Hutton review.)
    One of main reasons that Germany are at odds with Greece is that they did this restructuring even before Angela Merkel came into office and the Greeks are still holding out against it (I’m not saying which of these postions is the right one – you have to decide which policy you agree with the Greeks low retirement age high cost pension or the UK’s higher retirement age and lower cost pension).
    Finally the overseas aid budget is a complete red herring – successive governments support it , not because it’s something nice and fluffy to do but because of strong, pragmatic economic and strategic reasons that are in the UKs interest.
    The problem that many police officers (and police commentators) make and especially the Police Federation is to not look at the policy drivers behind police reform (and the changes to pensions etc) but to characterise this as some form of personal attack from either the Home Secretary, The Prime Minister or the Chancellor – thus continually talking about it in the wrong terms ie personal as opposed to policy. I think this is one of the principal reasons why the Police Federation have proved so ineffectual in countering the cuts and why ultimately they have become irrelevant.

    • Alan says:

      As always Keira I respect your right to hold a different opinion, but to pick up on just one of your comments I wonder how you would feel if you were 10-15 years into a Pension Scheme and then found out that you would have to pay in more, for longer and get less out? What the Tories did with the Pension Scheme was actually unlawful so they simply changed the law to make it lawful, but you presumably don’t see anything wrong with changing laws willy nilly merely to accommodate unlawful policies.

      I am not in a Pension Scheme, I am drawing mine, but I still empathise with those affected by these cruel practices.

    • 72joiner says:

      Could Keira perhaps link us to the relevant OECD study, unfortunately I am unable to locate it in their library, no doubt I am using the wrong search words.
      There is of course huge differences in function of policing systems across Europe so it is difficult to compare like for like.

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