The Paradox That Is Policing

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  1. retiredandangry says:

    The following comment left on Facebook is well worth reading, from a member of the public

    “The Toynbee article was fine and could have only happened because she spent time with Bedfordshire police. The government policy is a fiasco and shows total lack of grasp of the consequences of cuts. The cuts are all on paper and not considered how they translate into the real world. No joined up thinking. I hope Paris never happens here in London or the UK but as an ordinary member of the public I am very afraid.”

  2. soontobegone says:

    And we expect more from the Government?

    Has anyone being paying attention?

    They have no concept of what the consequences of their policies will be.

  1. November 20, 2015

    […] Or should that be The Hypocrisy That Is Politics? First we get Camoron and Cruella cutting our find Police Service deeper than anybody ever thought possible, with the promise of more to come. …  […]

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