The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

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3 Responses

  1. Kevin Smith says:

    Don’t forget how many Staff now live way outside London as property is so expensive making it a ‘double whammy’ for time and distance between shifts. Unsustainable in the med to long term.

  2. Gordon Williamson says:

    All so true and what so many of us have warned about for some time now.
    Many of the Section house’s had gymnasiums that you could billet 100’s of Officers in Central London with access to toilets, showers and canteen facilities.
    We also had the ability to provide at least snacks and hot drinks on prolonged tours!
    As we have said for so long now “utter folly”
    Selling of the family silver and investments made over many many years was never a wise move and did they have the right to sell all these assets that were obtained for the operational efficiency of the Metropolitan Police and for the health and welfare of it’s officers.
    Certainly not as a way to bail out political ideology and a help some get the next rank!
    When the investigation into what happened and why it all happened I can’t help feeling that the cuts will have a major bearing on these tragic events.
    I suspect that many senior ranks will be lifting the rugs a sweeping frantically!
    Can’t see the return of what has gone.!

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