The Changing Face of the Police Service

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3 Responses

  1. Knacker says:

    Alot of time and effort was put into this by yourself Al, thanks for doing so. It clearly demonstrates what we all know, but the ‘electorate’ should be made aware of THIS too. You’ve simplified the present situation in policing very well. ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ type analytics and worthless soundbites from The Home Office and The ‘Continuity ACPO Ltd’ crowd ( AKA Police Chiefs Council ) should be held to account. Good work . Well done.

    • retiredandangry says:

      I’m obliged sir. Indeed, the General Public are being bamboozled by psychobabble and smoke & mirrors. All they need is the truth simply explained

  2. Dazzler says:

    I wonder if anyone has factored in the amount of extra officers it takes to cover female officers. This is a practical question nothing else. There will be a percentage of female officers who will take maternity leave and a further percentage who will come back on part time. This will put a considerable strain on resources. Therefore a calculation/graph should be produced to account for the extra hours and workload this places on other colleagues both male and female. If there is a shift of 10 with a 50/50 make up then to counter the extra work the shift should have maybe 12

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