The Right Honourable James Patrick

James Patrick is an honourable man. When the current fundraising campaign was launched he was away in the West Country spending time with close family. He was not aware of the campaign, he had not requested it neither had he been consulted. He returned home, logged into Social Media and a) became aware for the first time what was being done on his behalf and b) became aware of the criticism one or more of his friends was taking on SM for attempting to raise funds and the suggestion that it may be a scam.

I know the identity of the person ‘holding’ the monies (as well as his wife) and, personally, I have complete faith in his integrity. The fund organiser may have jumped in to help without notice but there is no danger, in my opinion,  that donations would ever go astray or not be used for the stated purpose. James is nevertheless a little uncomfortable with this campaign because a) he is still a serving Police Officer, albeit not for much longer and b) he has never wanted to benefit financially from his ‘whistleblowing’.’

It is proposed that any monies donated will sit in the Paypal account until some date in the future when James needs them to help fund his Employment Tribunal (Legal Advice and ET costs etc).  His friends do suspect, however, that the Patrick family are likely to need support long before the ET sits.

Anyone who is not completely happy with that or has seen the suggestion that this is some kind of scam can have their donations refunded in full. With this in mind can anyone who has made a donation please let me know by Private Message or by emailing the fund organiser at help4james AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk whether you are happy for your donations to be used in this way or if you would like your donation refunded. Individuals’ wishes will, of course, remain confidential.

I apologise for the inconvenience and hope that this will resolve the issues



Thank you all very much