Another #Donut For Tom Winsor Please

So, the first (or the first that I have seen anyway) results of Mr Tom Winsor’s famous Police Fitness Tests have been released by the College of Policing.

Out of 30,000 officers from 39 Forces, sorry, Services, only 851 ‘failed’ although the tests do not become compulsory until next year.  The national police lead for fitness testing, ACC Rob Price, said the results showed the vast majority of officers tested were fit.  No shit Sherlock, even I can work that one out.

The only thing about these test results that bothers me is that there seems to be a slight disparity in Male vs Female that I have not yet seen addressed.  Of those who failed the test, 253 were male and 598 female.  After taking part in the 15-metre “bleep” shuttle run test, about 253 of the 22,078 male officers who took part (an average of 1%) and 598 of 7,969 female officers (an average of 8%) were unsuccessful.

I’m nowhere near brave enough to suggest that our female officers are not fit, so I will suggest that maybe the tests as they currently stand, disadvantage the female officers.  After all it was EIGHT TIMES as many that failed.

There are no figures yet available for the Metropolitan Police, the country’s largest force, or for Lancashire, Gloucestershire and Cumbria.

Humberside and Northumbria Police were the only two forces that boasted a 100% pass rate for both male and female officers.

The worst failure rates were seen in by police forces in Suffolk (7%), the West Midlands (5.8%), West Mercia and Warwickshire (5.6%), and Gwent (5.5%).

Winsor also recommended that from 2018 the tests should be made harder, using challenges based on the type of things an officer might face on duty, but this is being considered by the College of Policing in case it negatively impacts on women.  I would suggest that it already is, but Winsor wouldn’t take any notice of that would he?

He likes to wear a fancy uniform from time to time maybe he could do one of his fitness tests, just a thought.